Below are some links to helpful homebrew resources, suppliers, and bloggers. Enjoy!

Homebrew Bloggers

Homebrew Dad — Met this guy on Reddit. He has a great blog, and offers many tools and resources for other homebrewers.

|Brülosophy| — A fairly new blog, but well written and with some great information about yeast harvesting and and a neat “quick lager” method.

Beer Tech (Nilo’s Brewing Blog) — Nilo is a guy I saw on the HomeBrewTalk forums, and who put a lot of work into creating a Blue Moon clone recipe. Big fan of this blog!

Atomic Donkey Brewing — found this guy’s blog on Reddit. I have a feeling that I will be as obsessed as he is pretty soon.

TaylorTailor — This guy not only homebrews, but he makes his own clothing from scratch. For real!

Homebrew Resources

Homebrewing on Reddit — Reddit’s homebrewing page.

Brewing TV — a series of videos about brewing, produced by Northern Brewer.

The Homebrew Helper — a site that details how to make inexpensive hard cider at home.

HomeBrewTalk — a forum of homebrewing knowledge.

My Favorite Suppliers

Beer and Winemakers’ Pantry — my local homebrew store in Pinellas County, Florida.

Southern Brewing — another LHBS in Tampa, Florida.

Northern Brewer — I purchased my starter kit from Northern Brewer. Also offers great homebrew resources.

Beer Bloggers

40 Beers at 40 — Andrew Stroehlein, the author behind this blog, has blogged his way through roughly 500 Belgian beer varieties.

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