Comparison of Blue Moon to my homebrew.

Brew #5 – Blue Moon(ish) Belgian Wheat

So, I was calling this a ‘Blue Moon Partial-Mash Clone’, but the reality of it is — it’s Blue Moon(ish). It’s certainly┬ánot Blue Moon, but it’s quite delicious!

About a month ago I found a long thread on HomeBrewTalk that was all about cloning Blue Moon. A group of dedicated Blue Moon fans have devoted trial after trial to perfecting the Blue Moon recipe on a homebrew scale. One of these fans, who goes by the username of ‘Nilo’, has done 8 trials and has a recipe that looked to be very close to the real thing. I then took his recipe and converted it for a partial-mash.

The problem being wheat extract ends up being much darker than mashed wheat malt. Continue reading