Batch #19 – Nut Brown Ale

I brewed this nut brown ale for my father in-law as a Christmas gift. To help ensure it went off well, I ordered a kit beer from Northern Brewer. Yes, it was tasty!

Northern Brewer Nut Brown Ale

The recipe for this batch can be found here.

Taste Notes

Aroma – Light and sweet. Slight yeast esters present. Not much caramel or toffee sweetness as expected. Aroma fairly minimal.

Appearance – A bit on the dark side for a brown, but I like it that way! Not much red, unless held up to the light.

Flavor – Toffee and caramel notes end with a medium-dry finish. Not much sweetness, so it’s quite drinkable, but I would expect it to be slightly sweeter. Low levels of fruity esters are present, but hidden in the background.

Mouthfeel – It’s a bit thinner than I would have liked. Very drinkable! Mashing at a higher temperature might contribute some additional dextrines for added body.

Overall Impression – Pretty great! This one got rave reviews from family and friends, but mentioned that it was too “strong.” I’m thinking that’s short-hand for too dry. Additional sweetness and body should cut that out.

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