Batch #17: Don’t Give a **** SMaSH Ale

First off – before you ask – let me explain the name.

I brewed this beer a week after batch #16, both at brew days away from home. For this second beer, I wanted to brew a batch that would be simple and quick to brew – unlike #16 which took most of my Saturday the previous week.

What’s easier to brew than a BIAB SMaSH ale? Well… not much. That’s probably why I was the first one to finish my brew day at Cajun Cafe’s Brewer’s Day. Continue reading

Batch #15: SMaSH Ale Brewed with DI Water (An Experiment)

I brewed this beer for a purpose. No, not just to drink, but to use for an activity during a brewing water presentation I gave for my local homebrew club — the PUBGuild. The purpose of this activity was to demonstrate how the sulfate ion changes the way one perceives hop bitterness in a given beer.

At high concentrations, sulfate adds dryness and sharpness to the hop profile. By brewing a beer with distilled or de-ionized (DI) water to control the water profile, it is easy to observe how calcium sulfate (gypsum) impacts the hop perception of a beer by adding a gypsum solution to the finished beer.

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